Sepp's Rescue CD
Download Sepp's Rescue CD (Based on SuSE Linux 9.0, size 22 MB)

20040418: Original bootdisk with the following modifications:
          Removed keyboard dialog, by defaulting to 'us' in linuxrc.conf
          Added: /etc/issue, bladeenc (mp3 encoder), minicom (terminal emulator)

20040419: Removed blue background images
          Added: arj, pico, cdparanoia, eject, sfdisk

20040825: Added NTFS support
          Added sshd (including keypairs)

20040826: Added nmap (incl. /usr/lib/* and /lib/
          Removed all jfs stuff from /sbin               (1.365.714 bytes)
          Removed all xfs stuff from /sbin and /usr/sbin (2.248.236 bytes)
          Removed all reiserfs stuff from /sbin          (1.451.136 bytes)
          Removed: /usr/bin/joe                          (  186.168 bytes)
                   /usr/lib/cracklib_dict.*              (4.043.728 bytes)
          Adjusted RTC clock to localtime and timezone Europe/Amsterdam
          Added script to make first found cdrom accessible as /dev/cdrom
          Added user sepp
          Changed permissions 0755 from /bin/su into 4755
          Added passwords for users root and sepp
          Automatically activation of NIC at boot, and DHCP enabled
          Added /sbin/modify_resolvconf
          Automatically activation of sshd at boot
          Changed hostname 'Rescue' into 'teasairg'
          Added 'export TERM=vt100' to /etc/bash.bashrc
          Added cdrecord (and required /lib/ and ide-scsi.o)
          Added /bin/logger

20040827: Added automatically configuring internet-connection (DHCP, GW, DNS)
          Added IDE tapestreamer support

20040907: Added wget
          Added growisofs
          Added online update service (type 'update' to get updates)

20040908: Removed lots of obsolete stuff, to achieve compact iso for download
          Added lynx
          Added dutch wheather script (called 'weer')
          Added dir 'docs' containing tutorials, howtos etc.
          Added hardware clock synchronization